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The purpose of A Model Curriculum and Teaching Guide for the In- struction of the Homemaker-Home Health Aide is to assist agencies, educational institutions and other groups to plan, organize and provide the initial training needed by homemaker-home health aides.This training will equip them to work in an agency under profes- sional supervision and under a plan of care.

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Anderson Nursing and Health Service Management, Homemakers-Upj ohn Department of Health and Human Services: HEALTH SERVICES ADMINISTRATION Harold Dame, Director, Home Health Services, Fred E. Modified Diets 246 Diabetic 246 Sodium Restricted 248 Low Cholesterol - Modified Fat Diet 250 Dietary Management of Ulcers 251 Unit C. In any event, agencies will need to make additional information available to the homemaker- home health aides, either directly or indirectly as they con- tinue their work in the field.

(YLB) * Beproductions supplied by EDBS are the best that can be made * * from the original document, * EKLC A MODEL CURRICULUM AND TEACHING GUIDE FOR THE INSTRUCTION OF THE HOMEMAKER-HOME HE.\LTH AIDE us OEPARTMENTOF HEALTH, EDUCATION & WELFARE NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF , EDUCATION THIS DOCU^/^ENT HAS BEEN REP*? DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES Public Health Service Health Services Administration Bureau of Community Health Services 5600 Fishers Lane Rockville, Maryland 20857 M'-:^ ■ . "^Ahy references to ' DHEW within this text should be considered as DHHS. This document was developed by the National Council for fiomemaker- Home Health Aide Services, Inc., New York, New York, under Contract No- 2 with the Bureau of Community Health Services, HSA, ? 3 FOREWORD The homemaker-home health aide is a team member with professional health and social staff members who are responsible for providing home care services.

n- DUCED EXACTLY AS RECEIVED r RQV THE PERSON OR ORGANIZATION ORIGIN- ATING IT POINTS OF VIEA OB OPi Nt ONS STATED DO NOT n ECESSABilv REPRE- SENT Orrt Ci AL NATIONAL INST'TUTFOP EDUCATION POSITION OR POUCV DHHS Publication No. MJ^t^-:'-' Oa May 4, 1980, the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare (. These services are needed by the elderly, families with children, the chronically-ill and convalescent, and the handicapped.

Adults: Adult Vocational Education ; *Alliea Health Occupations Education: Child Bearing; Curriculum Guides: Family Health: *Home Health Aides; *Home Managements Heme Programs: *Hygiene; Interpersonal : Learning Activities ; Nutrition: ♦Occupational Home Economics; Teach:; Lng Guides; Tests; ♦Visiting Homemakers ABSTBACT ^ The purpose of this model curriculum and -ceaching guide is to assist agencies^ educational institutions^ and other groups tc plan^ organize, and provide the initial training needed by homemaker-home health aides.

They may be used for basic training, inservice or special additional training, ether appendixes include sample practicum material. the new -ij^^^'*: Department of Health Human Services (DHHS) .The Model Curriculum and Teaching Guide benefited greatly by a year's use and the thoughtful suggestions and reports submitted by these programs.

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