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Tertullian wrote, "When Paul asserts that males and females changed among themselves the natural use of the creature in that which is unnatural, he validates the natural way".Ambrosiaster wrote, "Paul tells us that these things came about, that a woman should lust after another woman, because God was angry at the human race because of its idolatry.At the time this was written, it referred to bestiality, not homosexuality.However, later Latin translations translated it to include both.The Complaint also includes a striking description of the neglect of womanhood: Though all the beauty of man humbles itself before the fairness of woman, being always inferior to her glory; though the face of the daughter of Tyndaris is brought into being and the comeliness of Adonis and Narcissus, conquered, adores her; for all this she is scorned, although she speaks as beauty itself, though her godlike grace affirms her to be a goddess, though for her the thunderbolt would fail in the hand of Jove, and every sinew of Apollo would pause and lie inactive, though for her the free man would become a slave, and Hippolytus, to enjoy her love, would sell his very chastity.

For current teachings of Christian Churches on homosexuality, see Christianity and homosexuality.It is believed by some interpreters in recent times that Paul was only addressing such practices in Romans 1: 26–27, while others usually see these verses as condemning all forms of homoeroticism.The Judaic prohibitions found in Leviticus and address the issue of sex between two men.But Sergius and Bacchus were both referred to as erastai in ancient Greek manuscripts, the same word used to describe lovers (Boswell).

prescribed a penance of at least twenty years' duration for those "who have done the irrational" (alogeuesthai).

had existed among certain groups, with some degree of social acceptance in ancient Rome and ancient Greece (e.g.

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