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He even addresses this point in the clip below: Shaun, who knows that people perceive him as disabled and different, is fascinated by the affection that Cora feels for Hunter.

He’s also surprised when his colleague and friend Dr.

Primarily, James Longman engaged in mental infirmities and documented own family history for the BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire programme. And one of my early letters, signed with what was meant to be a heart, but ended up a pizza Last, a sketch by my dad of Diana and Prince Charles….

While he does a fine job in the role, it’s a little disappointing since “The Good Doctor” has made efforts to cast marginalized people for proper representation on TV, ranging from hiring an actor with autism to a young transgender actress.

That quibble aside, at least the series made a point to explore the subject and has put the message out there.

Cora is against it because of the high risk but also because she’s afraid that if the surgery is successful, Hunter would no longer rely on her or want to be with her.

It’s an interesting point to make that being in a wheelchair has made him more compassionate and a different person from who he was.

[Editor’s Note: The following contains spoilers for “The Good Doctor” episode “Pain.”] “The Good Doctor” made a point to call out how Freddie Highmore’s character Dr.