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22-Nov-2019 02:16

I double checked our hundreds of thousands of relationships we track.

Turns out outside of /- 12 years there is virtually no chance of a relationship, and what chance there is is heavilly dependent on the guys high income.

(I immediately disqualify guys closer to my age with a similar skew to yours - for example a 35 year old that puts 21-37 would get a big old nope). People who lie about their age, are simply playing the same game. A better solution, perhaps, would be to shadow-block the old men from messaging younger women.

One of my exes is 31, and I recently ran across his POF profile. When I asked him about it, he was like "I figured girls would be more willing to talk to me." Like...younger girls then? Is it fair for women to say, hey, your too old for me, even if she is attracted to you and has things in common with you. So they can search and send messages but nothing would ever actually get through.

This change only effects 1.7% of first contacts between users on the site but it will make a huge difference in terms of female perception of the site. post ID=16028207&ref=0From my understanding, regardless of set messaging restrictions, if you're an old guy, you can't message, search for, and see women's profiles if they are 18-21 (and you're over 30) and you can't search for profiles if they are 15 years younger than you.

It's possible in the future that these restrictions could eventually find their way to Ok C.

If you have any experience on POF (and know what these guys are like), you know that will not be good. Those guys, unless they are particularly charismatic, handsome, fit, etc, must be getting zero results.

Considering I spent the bulk of my 20s attending and helping out with some all-ages shows, I don't think anything weird about If OKC adopted this rule but used the woman's desired age range in her profile as the filter to allow contact or not I'd support it. If I break that rule its only with mid-40's women who set their max at 51. Many are eye candy but its pointless to waste time reading the text since: Genuine question - why do you go 20 years below but only 3 years above? If I like a certain age range of women, but most of them feel I'm too old for them, am i now supposed to settle and date an older woman, even if I don't find them attractive.

I get having something of a weighted preference towards younger or older - I'm 28/f and imagine my range will skew a little bit younger as I age - but yours is a really huge skew. Listen, whats creepy, is women using a mere number to determine if they will date or talk to them. You will now get to talk to someone that would have otherwise ignored you, based solely a mere number.

(not fully implemented yet)Women who are 18 come to the site to find people to date, they don't come here to find "friends" with men in their 50's.

Over all for young women its just a horrible user experience as for some of them over half their messages are from men double their age.

This seems like a very heavy handed approach to trying to solve this problem.

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