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Scope out the scene and start up a conversation with a charming stranger in this hipster hub. Central Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85012 | (602) 327-1396 Nothing stirs up conversation more than talking about music.And the building that houses the Crescent Ballroom is a conversation piece in and of itself.Yes, I know some will say I can't accept Constructive Criticism and to them I would say you are 100% correct.

Lets all get together and explore Phoenix and the surrounding areas.We administer a luxury search service for you by exploring a variety of singles in order to find your perfect match.We help professionals who are too busy to meet someone through online dating or in a social setting.Perhaps you’ll find someone that shares your interest in the same band performing on stage. Second Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85003 | (602) 716-2222 If you think admiring art is relaxing and enjoyable, chances are there’s someone out there that feels the same way.

Treat yourself to a day of adventure at the largest art museum in the southwestern United States.If you come to events with no expectations you will NEVER be disappointed.