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He has focused the gang’s activities on deals and truces, instead of petty vendettas, and has been making good inroads into Liberty City's organized crime world, even developing a working business relationship with the Angels of Death, long-term rivals of The Lost. When Billy returns, his violent actions towards the gang's rivals, The Angels of Death, causes a previously established truce to be broken between the two gangs, threatening the Brotherhood's survival.When a member of the gang, the recently patched-in Jason Michaels, is killed in Broker, Billy uses the opportunity to convince Johnny that the Angels were responsible for the murder, rather than the actual killer.He plans to attack Ray but is told by Stubbs not to, and instead focuses on Billy, who has agreed to testify against Johnny and Angus Martin so that he may be freed from prison.Johnny, Terry Thorpe, Clay Simons and other members of the Lost infiltrate the prison and Johnny personally executes Billy."Johnny is a very different character than Niko, with a very different background," says Dan Houser, vice president of creative development for Rockstar Games."I can't go into too much detail on the story, because we try not to give away too much plot before the game is released.His second-in-command, Johnny Klebitz, knows that time is running out for this gang of outlaws, and with money to be made in Liberty City, he is determined to make cash as quickly as possible before they all ride off into the sunset.

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Among many other similarities, another important element is the Lost Clubhouse's role as a dingy, dirty, hard-rock version of Neverland, where the gang members are liberated from conventional responsibilities like jobs or children, and free to partake in beer, motorcycles, bar brawls for sport and (even married men in the case of Jim Fitzgerald) strippers.An angry Ray kidnaps Jim and tortures him while holding Johnny at gunpoint, but the two escape.Johnny fights off several hitmen and learns from Ashley that Jim is dead.It became available for download via Xbox LIVE and Play Station Network and costs .99 (USD).

It is part of a disc-based title, "Grand Theft Auto: Episodes From Liberty City" , which does not need a GTA IV disc to be played and is bundled along with the second episodic content, The Ballad of Gay Tony, for .99.

In retaliation, the Lost attack an Angel clubhouse and secures a large amount of heroin.