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The deer park surrounding the house and the older building of the Old Palace had been owned by Elizabeth’s father, Henry VIII, who had used it as a home for his children, Edward, Elizabeth and Mary.

The Library houses an extensive collection of more than 10,000 volumes, dating from the 16th century to the present day, and the archives contain extensive collections of Cecil family papers.

She does allow that there "are some couples with really good marriages who have come to love, like and understand each other, and so the companionate love is maintained or even grows." Both fan the flame Psychologist Robert J.

Sternberg, Ph D, thinks that love doesn't have to decline, but in order for it to flourish, both partners must share the same love "story." For Sternberg, a former APA president who is dean of the School of Arts and Sciences at Tufts University and has been studying love since the 1980s, the logical psychological theories about love-including his own-were at odds with the way people actually think about love: Most people seem to see it as story-based. In a series of interviews in the 1990s with college and graduate students who ranged in age from 17 to 26 years old, Sternberg identified about 25 stories that people use to describe love.

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New York: Academic Press), they found that passionate love decreased precipitously over time.One of the oldest canards – something I’ve written about before, in fact – is the idea that women don’t like sex, especially casual sex, as much as men do.It’s the subject of many a heated debate, the punchline to hacky comedians’ jokes and the background noise in movies and sitcoms since pretty much forever.We’re given any number of reasons for this, from the classic “sperm is cheap/eggs are expensive” evo-psych rationale to the more mercenary “women use sex for barter” market view of human sexuality.

This supposed disparity between male and female libidos is part of what drives so much of Pick-Up Artists tactics, of Red-Pill rage and many a rant from anime-avatar’d randos on Twitter when people dare to suggest otherwise.Every flame dies down Romantic, passionate love is fleeting, says Elaine Hatfield, Ph D, a psychology professor at the University of Hawaii who has been studying love since the 1960s.

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