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22-Sep-2019 06:52

While that may seem like an understandable rule, since many pension collectors are retired, it would have been just as simple for her to have "No Elderly" on the list, instead of writing off a segment of men who live off an income that is provided by the government.

The best reason we can muster for her being super specific as to avoid men who can no longer work is because their income is usually set for the remainder of their life, and that income is usually pretty low.

It’s the breath that is going to bring her ‘close up’ to you.

Make sure you haven’t eaten any smelly foods before going out that make her want you to shut your mouth.

You don’t want her wondering what is stinking below the table , do you ?

While being picky only means that you've finally developed a set of standards for yourself, it also means that you're choosing from slim pickings, making it so much easier to learn to embrace the single life (or cry from perpetual loneliness).

And as we'll learn in some of her other dating requirements, she's not about to settle with a guy who doesn't have money.

Not only that, but it's likely that anyone younger than the age of retirement who is collecting a pension is usually not in the greatest of health.

Jade has remained single for Before anyone starts jumping down this girl's throat for writing off someone for their inability to control their snoring, just stop.

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This is a pretty great mandatory to have on a dating checklist, because there is nothing quite as annoying as trying to sleep next to a chronic snorer.Snoring is sexy, but even worse than its attractiveness is its ability to make any gal cranky AF day after day.

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