Dating a new guy tips

02-Feb-2020 10:26

As someone who sounds disturbingly similar to this, my take on this is that he's trying really hard not to mess this up, and is trying to show you he appreciates you for your person and your company, and not just because he wants to fuck your brains out (side note: he does).

He's also probably dealing with his own insecurities (dumb dumb actually admitted to you that he thinks you're out of his league 🤦‍♂️) and is trying to protect himself from getting too invested because he fears you're going to run away.

But he treats me well and I enjoy our conversations. Sexual chemistry isn't going to grow when he is actively keeping a lid on it.thanks for your input.. It's like a "thing" when you do or when you don't too.

So I know eventually we will just need to do it..maybe planning a date to do it makes more sense?

Taking things slow is new for me so I'm trying to figure out how to progress the right way..

I think he might suffer from depression which is fine.

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