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23-Jul-2020 04:27

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Some people might blow off steam at the end of the week by chatting it up over a beverage or two, but for those that don’t crave that kind of social interaction, solitude provides an equally fulfilling sense of stress relief.I remember a decade ago when there was a picture of a Michelle Pfeiffer that was used for an advertisement that was used for an add with the headline of perfection or something.And dating a loner, it might be hard to separate the suspicion of that feeling from the real thing.A lot of the ways we define emotional investment have to do with the time we spend with someone — the time we sacrifice out of our days, doing our own things and accomplishing our goals, to be with someone else instead.Enter real life, where it is ridiculous for any person to expect to be "chased". Loners aren't looking to play out some unhealthy rom-com fantasy to watch you "earn" their love by chasing after it; if you feel like you have to chase them, you're probably just moving at a different pace than they are. But there are loners in every shade of the Meyers-Briggs world.Even the people who thrive most in crowds might consider themselves loners, the same way often very quiet people prefer to spend time around other people.Do you prefer girls who are more outgoing and friendly with other people?Yet, they tend to make us special and even attractive to those few individuals that appreciate them.

It might be easy to mistake this for ambivalence, or some reflection of how they feel about you, when really it's for the sake of their own sanity (and, ultimately, yours).

But I don't think that our desire to be alone stems from laziness, the way our generation tends to be portrayed.

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