Dating a black women

05-May-2020 22:23

To invalidate a black woman’s feelings, write her reactions off as irresponsible, and not listen to where she’s coming from is emotionally abusive.

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Most daters on mainstream sites like OKCupid, Tinder and are white.Although he had never called me that, he had accused me of being all over the place emotionally.I have no doubt that if this were to have turned into a larger discussion, the conversation would have quickly became heated, resulting in him dismissing me to go home and disengage. In fact, no black woman should ever be called or be worried about being called that.My sisters and I are out here meditating, saging our spaces, and focusing on healing.

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Worrying about how the world sees us is the last thing we have time for.File this under illogical thinking that I’m unlearning.