D2jsp validating cupid dating site wiki

04-Mar-2020 16:32

The OP's scenario is a good exampe (though a rare one) where an automated/auction house would be disastrous. The 'scripts' the OP is lamenting about watch the sales sites for multiple items simultaneously so the snipers can nab them within seconds of their appearance.Had the tab been set up for automated auction sales (since it already has a buyout price) - the OP could have lost all those items as bots/scripts/people snapped them up in 5-10 seconds. You can try and attribute some significant semantical difference between the two words but that doesn't mean it exists. have held that the To S is a legal contract (there's that word again! There by validating the original question posed and the manor is which it was phrased....

This is a HUGE site used by many people and even though no email is sent from this site that you did not ask for, all it takes is one person to click the "This is SPAM" to a mail server or ISP and they block the site wholesale.Hi I just thought I would add my experience to this thread.I tried registering twice, once with a yahoo address and once with an ISP address and did not recieve a confirmation. I read this thread and tried my hotmail address without trouble.So, when I finally got around to changing my Email on this site, I never recieved the confirmation request!

I waited a few days, and told the website resed the confirmation.I've always wondered how people were able to dupe in D2.