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04-Jul-2020 01:33

Most likely he won’t live near me, meaning we’ll be apart for another year and a half, but when you really connect with someone and know they care and see a clear clear CLEAR future, go for it!My boyfriend constantly talks of our future and what kind of household we’ll have and how we’ll manage family life and careers. Christelyn tells us to be confident and have a game plan in life.Sitting in a cold movie theater and eating stale popcorn is much more romantic... I definitely don't want you sticking your cowboy boots up some rude guy's, um, never mind...Your cowboy will take him out back and scare the heck out of him! He would possibly do anything for me and I for him.In the beginning, especially after I moved away, it was hard adjusting to the distance, but we see each other every two weeks and have mini vacations during academic breaks.

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I meet so many amazing black women in my graduate program who simply “can’t find a man” or never think they’ll get married. And as much as you already say, I tell them to date out!

Had we not met online, I would have never been interested and maybe even thought he was a racist!