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25-Oct-2019 10:12

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In contradiction to some of the other reviewers here (some of which appear to be made up, frankly, as they offer bizarre claims), my experience with the site has been uniformly excellent. She is easy and a nympho that runs through 3 guys a week. I made an account so I can snap a pic for my upcoming custody case.

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You're a liar if you had sex through this website.Counter claims that the women are prostitutes is similarly weird.These are actual women (many college age) actually eager to go out with you, and yes, in exchange for some amount of money. Beyond finding this out, I have no idea on this site.

There are a host of demonstratively real, attractive and reasonable women.

I do know that a site gets customers based on reputation. If I'm on there, then other normal girls are as well. Additionally, the large majority of conversations (that men pay for) simply say :how are you" or other generic replies and future emails are never opened, however you are still paying up to to open it.