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The inclusion of the Melanie/Lindsay storyline in Queer As Folk paved way for shows like and the inclusion of full weighted gay characters in mainstream television shows.The role has opened up many avenues for philanthropic work.So I don't know what game he is playing, he may just be desperate for work all of a sudden. There was a point when all of this weird fanfrau shit was getting tagged and banned like soaps and ponies and Anderfans. Let me correct something for YOU: Gale is bi, has been with both men and women. I used to know his boyfriend back in the day when Gale lived in SF, pre-Queer as Folk. I don't actually care if Scott's gay or straight (though less than 100% straight would be more interesting). Why do you bitches continue to insist that Gale was rarely seen with other women? That's a neat trick if he can be in Hawaii and Iowa on the same date. They are all atwitter about it there, debating whether it is true or not.Michelle Clunie was at a Prop 8 rally a few months ago in Fresno, declaring how we must get equal rights, etc. Unfortunately, he doesn't seem to be working nearly as much as I thought he would since the show ended. He's barely ever seen or talked about by the press, so how would you know who he is seen with at all? and I love in Buffy's season 7, his character was referenced as having "gone to Toronto and come out of the closet" (Toronto being where QAF was filmed, not where it took place). Then again, they are all excited about some straight to video horror movie that Gale is going to be in, now that he's out on Desperate Housewives.

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Her latest philanthropic project - Meet In The Middle 4 Equality.

Clunie, during and even still is a regular at the GLAAD awards and supports several streams of charitys such as Fit4Free, The Human Rights Campaign, Global Fund For Women and Green Empowerment to name a few.

She was spokesperson for the for a number of years (similar charity Australia's Starlight Foundation) which was founded by Tim Hepworth in dedication of his late partner.

COM, Jim Clunie is ranked in the list of most popular and Richest celebrities.

Siblings: There is no information about his siblings.

Born in Portland Oregon, Clunie's first ever acting experience was actually in 5th grade, where she played the lead role in Cinderrabbit - the rabbit version of the timeless fairytale.