Christian man dating a muslim woman

08-Mar-2020 19:47

"In Lebanon, a woman wearing the hijab marries a Christian man in a church," one Twitter user said, sharing the image of the church wedding. The clerics have also betrayed their religions by agreeing to marry them! Some, however, hailed the couple for portraying an image of coexistence.

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A Muslim man is, however, allowed to marry women belonging to the Abrahamic faiths or "the Peoples of the Book".

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In performing the ceremony for Fawaz and Katoura, the Muslim cleric made an emphatic ruling vocalised increasingly over recent decades by different scholars - especially in North America - that state Muslim women were never prohibited from marrying outside their faith.

The church ceremony was led by Father Basillios Nasr, who told Annahar that the marriage will be good for the country."Our goal is to unite people rather than divide them, and to build a society based on understanding and love," said Nasr.