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The blackness arises mainly because the diamonds are made up of dense aggregations of individual crystals rather than the kind of single crystal that usually characterizes the translucent diamonds cut into gemstones.Carbonadoes are found chiefly in Bahia, Brazil, and in the Ubangi region of the Central African Republic.

This engrave-able ring is available in various widths and diamond quantities to suit every taste.

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THE source of the world's largest diamonds -- black stones known as carbonadoes -- has long been a geological puzzle.

Since then, many brands have taken the anti-fashion styles of skate culture and reimagined them.

Neiman Marcus brings to life a campaign that merges the spirit of work-meets-play in collaboration with PAPER, positioning some of their luxury labels through a fresh, subversive lens.The lumps of blackish diamond are used primarily in industry for making abrasives and drill bits that tear through rock as if it were butter, often boring miles into Earth.'' They're better than regular diamonds because they don't cleave,'' said Dr. De Carli, a carbonado expert at SRI International, in Menlo Park, Calif.

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