Batavia dating

25-May-2020 02:06

Monopolies on local produce were augmented by non-indigenous cash crops.

To safeguard their commercial interests, the company and the colonial administration absorbed surrounding territory.

The region which became Batavia came under Dutch control in 1619, initially as an expansion of the original Dutch fort and a new building on the ruins of the former the city's Malay vernacular, was the capital of the Dutch East Indies.The area corresponds to present-day Jakarta, Indonesia.The Chinese and the Mardijkers were the only non-Dutch settlers within the walled city.

In 1659, A 1659 truce with Banten enabled the city to grow, and more bamboo houses were built.

Batavia is on the north coast of Java, in a sheltered bay, on a land of marshland and hills crisscrossed with canals.

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