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, Lynn, Mass, Natchitoches, La, Palo Alto, Calf, Portsmouth, Va , Ruskin, La, Seattle, Wash , Silver Dollar City, NC , Silver Springs, Tenn , Spartanburg, SC , Tarpon Springs, Fla , Tulsa, Oka, Washington, Ga , Worchester, Mass, - bottling plant no longer in existence Now I would like to know if this is correct.also how do I find out the value this places on the bottle? made from about 1958-1965 Ooops should have added this if the embossed bottles.The Commerative bottles were easy to find info on and I have that part done in the data base.The rest, (the 6 oz, 6 ½ oz, 8 oz, 10 oz, & 12 oz, with most being code dated on bottle somewhere, with dates that range from 1915 to 1986), I am having problems with placing a value on.I do not want to mess them up and with my luck, that would happen. Hey Randi, I think you will find that most of the ACLs aren't worth much unless a collector is looking for that perticular bottle.[:)] Thanks yet again Randi [email protected] Insider/coke1(this webpage was thrown together this morning. Randi As you have discovered there is a lot to learn about Coke bottles. There are a few that are sought after by local collectors.About half of it is Commerative 8 oz bottles and the other half is made up of 6 & 6 ½ oz bottles.She also has 2 gold coca cola soda bottles, a small amount of 8 oz, 10 oz & 12 oz bottles and about 10 bottles from Mexico and one from France.

I have been ALL OVER THE WEB looking for answers and this is the first place where I actually got them.

The towns that have plants that are still in business are only worth a few bucks at best.

The plants that no longer exsist, you will have to research to see how long they have been closed. Thanks for the info - from the research I have done, I knew that the ALC's wouldn't be worth much.

Ben, As for prices, I am looking for help with that. Actually of the above mentioned bottles I have between 25-50 6 & 6 1/2 oz bottles that are between 19, then about 4-5 cases of 6 1/2 oz bottles between 19.

[:)] Let me know what you are looking for and I will see if I have it. Still have about 7 cases of 6 1/2 oz bottles to date, most of them will be in the 70's to 80's range.

I do not want to mess them up and with my luck, that would happen. I have emailed him about a month ago asking for it and have heard nothing back, have looked all over the net, ebay, out of print book companies, etc. Is there any other coke collection book(s) focusing primarily on bottles that everyone recommends?

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