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18-Jul-2020 12:03

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While I was expecting to see him depart, he just stood there silently.If I don’t like compliments, I really don’t like awkward silence. So I open my big fat mouth and say “You’re welcome to join us”. So there we are my coworkers, bosses, my awkward date and me…one big happy family.He kept trying to chat me up while I was trying to watch the fights and the ramming up against the walls and let’s be honest checking out the really cute hockey players. Then that hand starts going up and down, up and down. Five minutes later, that darn hand finds its landing area again.So as I’m leaning forward intensely scoping out these hot men… I cringe and move further to my left to try and get out of the back rubbing zone. Now most women will understand my conundrum…if I move backwards to prevent my back from being an open target I’ve invited him to put his arm around my shoulder and I can’t move further away because those darn tight stadium seats are so tight the fat sweaty guy next to me will think it’s an invitation!” When that didn’t work, I caught a lucky break and was saved by predictable behavior…he reaches for his beer.I shoot back so fast and ram my back right up against that chair I think I pulled a muscle.like Batman, except flabbier and without the weirdo voice. I’m very sorry, but I do honestly intend to return soon.

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“What do I wear, where are we going, do I need a getaway plan, is he kidnapping me and taking me across the border!?!?!? And what says January 1 better than a renewed commitment to finding love through a series of winks, poorly written emails, and slightly drunk bar conversations?It’s New Year’s resolution time, which also means it’s internet dating time, which also ALSO means it’s God-do-I-hate-internet-dating time, which is why you find yourself back on It’s Not a Match.She’s really growing on me.) Well, as it turns out this very sweet guy listened to me on the first date and took me to the local minor league hockey game! Now I’ll preface this next part by saying I pretty much knew I wasn’t interested in much more than friendship with this guy, but we did have fun the first time so I didn’t see how a second date could hurt.

Well, my little friend didn’t exactly feel the same way.

I’m out of both.) So please, read the old stuff-it’s still PURE GENIUS. I recently received, because I am an important and influential person, an interview request on the topic of nice guys, and why they’re so hard to date. The requesting magazine was based in Canada, and according to the Internet, ceased existing two years ago. ) The question that I was asked to discuss was this: “Why are nice guys the worst? ” Because truthfully, I’m a nice guy, and I was surprised to learn that all along I have secretly been the worst. I horde plastic silverware and rarely pay my cable bill on time, but niceness never seemed like my problem.