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Taxpayers who pay within the first 20 days will receive a 1% discount on the tax portion of their bill, a perk that is shared by only a few counties in Georgia.Tax bills which are usually mailed in mid-September, will retain their same due date of November 15th.Bills paid after November 15th will incur interest charges on the 19th of each month and a one-time penalty of 10% on December the 20th.Payments can be made through the mail, the tax commissioner's website and at the Municipal Building.General Admission seats are first come, first serve seating - no saving seats. But, somewhere along the line, the romantic Street Car Named Desire got derailed by the big Locomotive Named Reality. Jay and Laura Laffoon, authors of numerous books and DVDs, have often been billed as “marriage edu-tainers,” fearlessly putting their real marriage of almost 30 years on display.

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Learn more about how Oath collects and uses data and how our partners collect and use data. The number one reason customers do not get their tickets is because the tickets ended up in their email's spam/junk email folders. Their comedy infused Ultimate Date Night Tour regularly plays in cities across the country, while their weekly online talk show Jay & Laura T. offers practical and witty tips on connecting both as a couple and a family.