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x D This is my first fic and it took me a whole day to make so please no rude reviews! haha(if I did I would already have them married x D)I walked through the glass double doors into (1)Hollywood Studios. I practically sprinted out hoping to not make eye contact with Audrey. Let's just say I'm not the biggest fan of she didn't bring one for me, I murmured, "sure" and fled. I shook my head as passing interns gave us weird stares. The air instantly changed from bright and cheery to awkward and uncomfortable as I felt many different pairs of eyes on me. Many of the teenage extras and interns were not happy to hear the news though. He told me he was shooting a music video on location for (3)R5. I felt Audrey's heels follow me as the noise of her shoes became louder and louder indicating she was getting close. She put her manicured hand on her hips and smirked. She quickly walked in front of me stopping me at from walking. I plod to the script room and notice no one else is here yet. "Nothing," I replied smiling at myself as we walked to the lunchroom. You think Ross will go to a party without his dear girlfriend? I gritted my teeth and spat,"No problem." I quickly walked right through her enough to make her stumble back unexpectedly. Fortunately as I was walking, I didn't hear her footsteps follow me. I didn't want to be a bad girlfriend and not let him have his freedom. When I looked up, I saw Calum texting and Raini filing her nails."Really Laura? She was giving be an obvious death glare but I really didn't have the energy at am to say or do anything. She was crazy about Ross ever since we filmed Bloggers & Butterflies.

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She DM'd Raini because she knew Raini would show them to me. Audrey wearing a skimpy bikini while dancing like a maniac while she flirted with all the guys. I took my time in putting my stuff on the table and taking my denim jacket off. Raini and Calum sat next to each other while I sat across where Ross and I always sit. I tried to get my mind of Ross and listen to Raini and Calum's conversation.

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We resumed to eating our unedible lunchfood and made quirky converstation. He texted and I quote,"If my girlfriend's not going then no way.

Its waay too dangerous." Raini and Calum facepalmed. She marched out of the room making the loudest noise from her heels."Well she took that well," Raini said sarcastically as Calum came back with a very broken phone.