Asus weather widget not updating

12-Mar-2020 08:41

it’s easy to find because, well, it looks like a miniature version of what’s on the home screen!

Tap on it and most likely the app will then immediately sense your location and prompt for confirmation: I don’t like 24hr time, so I changed that, and I also prefer it refreshing the weather every hour, not the default of every 12 hours.

Previously, the default icon for normal, ‘clear’ weather conditions was a yellow sun. Several users are now reporting seeing a moon icon next to the temperature.

The change does not yet appear to be widespread and is likely a server-side update.

This is a minor fix, but nevertheless one that shows Google’s attention to minute details.

BBC Weather in one sentence is Simple, Neat, and Reliable.

other, arrange for a way to disguise the voices of those answering the questions.

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Most importantly is to do a tiny bit of detective work of your own to look through all the pre-installed apps on your Samsung tablet and ascertain which app is the one managing your weather widget.

As I said, on my Android tablet, it’s Sense Flip Clock & Weather and it’s a great app, actually!Before we go any further, let’s see the application’s key feature: BBC Weather Key Features As soon as you open the application, it starts detecting your current location and will give you then the forecast for the day ahead. This application is released for both i OS and Android devices.