Asp net gridview onupdating dating ads cork

26-Aug-2020 15:43

However, you shouldn't need to specify a Bind for Employee ID since it is in the Data Key Names of your Grid View (the primary key).

You shouln't need any Bind or Eval statements for Employee ID since it is already specified in Data Key Names.

Page //default1Dear Karthicks Thank you very much for pointing it out..

' I am marking this also as answer,,let other less understanding guys like me benefit..

Yes it is IF NOT Is Post Back, HAHAHAHA I am a more familier with VB ..missed to read that '!

If anybody else has a better solution I'll welcome any other answers.

This was occuring even though I had placed Old Values Parameter Format String="original_" or Old Values Parameter Format String="" within the Grid View's attributes.

Ok, So I was able to resolve this issue by going into the On Updating event in the Object Data Source and doing the following below.

Once I checked Is Post Back in Row Updating event..

Configuration; public partial class _Default1 : System. Actually last night I spent many hours on this issue .

While I'm very happy for anything to be working after so much time, I still feel like this is a bad hack for this to work.

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