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The couple even shared a steamy kiss on stage to show everyone that they really are together.When Nina Parker asked why Nikki just did not come clean about seeing both Rosa and Safaree at the same time, the star insisted that she did not see anything wrong with that.Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa became parents to a baby boy named Sebastian Taylor Thomaz on 21 February 2013.Their wedding took place on 8 July 2013, and it seemed like it was a great marriage.

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Amber Rose stated that when she was fifteen she received her first tattoo of her then-boyfriend Ernest's first name.

A lot of girls in LA said the same thing about you.” star held that the rapper wanted to be like Ray J and the rest of their co-stars when he’s clearly nothing like them. She said that if Safaree really wanted to be with her, he should first get his life together.“I just feel like Safaree mentally, financially, in every aspect you have to get yourself together before you can be with me or anybody,” she said.