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A country music superstar in the seventies, a journeyman in the eighties—and a murderer in the nineties? ON SATURDAY, AUGUST 29, THE Uvalde County sheriff’s dispatcher radioed Sabinal officer Guillermo Quirova to say that a 911 call had come in: A man had been shot on North Pickford Street—the second time in several weeks that the police had received a report of gunshots at that address.

“This is a quiet little town,” says the current mayor of Sabinal, George Lee Moore. There was a lot of shock, but mainly there was confusion.” IT WAS A CONFUSING SITUATION.

Later that day, 46-year-old Rodriguez was charged with murder. Even though his chart-topping days have long passed, Rodriguez is still a local hero. They have 2 children; daughter Frankie Elle (2014) and another baby girl (January 2017)Adam is the elder child of Ramon Rodriguez and Janet Rodriguez. His father, Roman was an executive with the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and his mother worked as a ticket agent. They got married in 2007 but their marriage didn’t last long. Later on, the actor was in a romantic relationship with a beautiful lady, Melanie Fiona. Adam Rodriguez married Grace Gail, a model on May 2, 2016. Only close friends and family were invited to the ceremony.The two men knew each other, Brown maintains, but not well, and Borrego had been warned several times by Rodriguez and other members of the family not to come to their mother’s house. It’s a very regrettable accident, but the Texas Penal Code says very clearly that you can use deadly force in this situation,” Brown says.

Tovar, a childhood friend of Rodriguez’s who has known him since he answered to El Charro (“The Rider”), confirms that he and Johnny and two of their friends were sitting on his porch—drinking beer, playing acoustic guitars, and singing—when Borrego had arrived earlier in the evening.

And Sabinal, which has a population of just 1,700, is the sort of place where everybody knows everybody—and everybody’s business.

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