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Although, as KEYCTV reported, Commissioner James Stenson did comment "The Nicollet County Board recommended that the St.

Peter City Council suggest a name since the city has assumed possession of Hallett's Pond" Commissioner Stenson and others who claim the City owns the lake are wrong.

Diversion of the treated storm water could be done relatively easily and would be much less expensive then available lake restoration and maintenance techniques that will be needed if the lake continues to be used for storm water treatment.

Within the state of Minnesota no individual or municipality can own a public waters.

Todd Prafke (City administrator), Russ Wille (Economic Development director) and City Council Representatives John Kvamme, Jerry Pfieffer and Kimberly Schultz were all present.

We are still trying to get information about what exactly these goals are.

The Nicollet County board unanimously agreed to vote according to the City Administration's wishes by denying the petition.

It is interesting how much of a threat the term "Lake Hallett" is to the Saint Peter City Administration.