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25-Oct-2019 08:46

Your friends and family can either sign up for a free Flickr account (and you can use their Flickr username to manage their access to your photos) or you can share individual photos, albums, or even your entire photo stream through a guest user pass delivered to them via email.By default, Flickr photos are public (unsurprising given Flickr’s history as one of the earliest photo sharing platforms) so be sure to pay attention to privacy settings before uploading your personal photos.(Yes, we know it’s owned by Facebook, but for now, it’s a separate service—and one much more focused on photos.) The service is completely free, easy to install and setup on your mobile device, and while Instagram may have made a name for itself in terms of hashtags and public photos, it’s very easy to set your account to private (which you should do right from the start!) and use it only to share with friends—effectively creating a tiny photo-centered social network just for the people you care about.

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We do have one strong word of caution about Photobucket, though.Your photos are uploaded in their full resolution and once shared with friends and family (via a mobile number or email address), they can be downloaded in the same resolution.